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ISMIR 2004 Panels

Panel 1
Musical Data as Intellectual Property
Moderator: Eleanor Selfridge-Field

Panelists: Charles Cronin (Columbia University, USA), Enric Enrich (Enrich Advocats, Spain), Masataka Goto (AIST, Japan)

Researchers consider data repositories for the testing of new query methods highly desirable, but the data most desired by researchers is frequently under copyright. This panel will discuss approaches and possible resolutions to this problem from diverse perspectives. Participants represent the recording and film industries as well as the library and research communities.

Panel 2
Discussion on the ISMIR-2004 Audio Description Contest
Moderator: Pedro Cano

Panelists: Juan Bello; Stephen Downie; Dan Ellis; Marc Leman; Elias Pampalk; George Tzanetakis

The purpose of the panel is to both discuss the results of the Audio Description Contest held during the ISMIR2004

The goal of the contest was to compare state-of-the-art audio description algorithms and systems relevant to Music Information Retrieval. Contests were held on: Genre Classification, Artist Identification, Rhythm Classification, Tempo Induction and Melody Estimation. 20 participants from 12 different research groups took part in the contest.

Part of the panel will be devoted to detail the different contests, the data and copyright issues involved, evaluation methods and the results. The second part of the panel will focus on gathering feedback from panelists, participants and the audience as well suggestions for improvements. A final part will summarize the overall experience, focusing on steps to be taken in possible future contests.

>> slides from the panel presentation (pdf)

Panel 3
Industry issues related to Music Information Retrieval
Moderator: Donald Byrd

Panelists: Stephan Baumann (DFKI, Germany); Markus Cremer (Fraunhofer, Germany); Francois Pachet (Sony, France); Randall Cook (GraceNote, USA); Fabio Vignoli (Philips Research, Netherlands)

Academic researchers often forget issues that are vitally important for practical applications of their work. On the other hand, people in the commercial sector aren't always as conscious as they might be of research in universities and other institutions that could be very helpful to their companies. Nearly all of ISMIR is about research, but this panel is intended to bring the practical side of things to the foreground. Panelists from the commercial world will speak about their views of music information retrieval, and members of the audience will have a chance to interact with them. In addition, anyone who plans to attend this panel is invited to write down questions they'd like panelists to talk about, and to hand them to the moderator before the session; as time permits, he will ask the panelists to discuss questions of the most general interest.




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